The company

The company founded by Mr. MASMOUDI OMAR and Mr. BELHADI YOUCEF, Sarl EL SAFINA was created on March 13, 2007 after the acquisition by deed of sale of a small olive production unit "SAHL MAGHNIA" located at ZI Ouled Charef Maghnia Tlemcen.
The partners have opted for a major investment by purchasing new high-end olive production equipment in its various forms, allowing it to maintain satisfactory profitability.
The company was called "EL SAFINA". In order to avoid confusion with a brand of flour from the MITIDJI Group, the partners changed the name of the company to become permanently SARL MANAFIAA LILMOUSSABARAT.
From January 2010, the factory entered the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil with an insignificant content of acidity of less than 0.8%. Thus, olive growing was controlled by highly qualified employees, and a panoply of table olive form will emerge presenting a better nutritive quality defying all competition.
In 2016, another acquisition of a farm by deed of sale added to the portfolio.
In fact, the exploitation includes orchards of a hundred olive and plum trees which have enabled the creation of a plant for the production of prunes after the installation of a drying oven and a chain for bagging prunes ...
In 2020 the factory experienced an expansion due to the fact that the storage air is no longer sufficient for the inflow of the raw material, in fact the olives cultivated by other farms, the two partners were able to buy a common land at the factory and engaged in the realization of a larger unit.
This new investment has required a considerable effort on the part of managers who are convinced that this is the only way to remain sustainable and to move to an unrivaled offensive on the market after having noted a very high demand for MANAFIAA products
Managers are aware of the multiple challenges and to ensure the sustainability of their business plan to invest in human resources and the reorganization of all structures with the implementation of a Management System according to international standard.
The strategy adopted for the medium term objectives:

  • Increase the production capacity and install a direct distribution network (DD).
    The Famous DD which has become the only way to monopolize a good part of the market
  • Control and implementation of an information system (Networking, software)
    Internally :
    • Restructuring of the company's activities
    • Improving working conditions